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Running in High Heels
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25th-May-2019 07:13 am - Running
Running in high heels
This blog is primarily devoted to following the career of Mitch Pileggi, The X-Files, and what The X-Files alum are up to now.
*If you take something from here and repost it, please add a credit. Thanks. Now that XF is restarting, there will be quite a bit of publicity. Will try to keep up.
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Rectify please watch-my friend Melissa Bernstein is the producer

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On the set with Mitch Pileggi
4th-Dec-2016 07:14 pm - David Duchovny Out and About
mitch pileggi
I'm not usually big on paparazzi pics, but it's been a while since we've seen him.
mitch pileggi
Because that hasn't happened yet. Skinner gone? I'm gone.

They never learn. 20 years and they never learn. Unless Millennials have taken over and the rest of us are too Antiquated for the new age.

I'm not bitter. In the least. ;)

4th-Nov-2016 06:00 pm - GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!
mitch pileggi
Been waiting my whole life.

mitch pileggi
Just a few so far
1st-Nov-2016 02:33 pm - More Gillian Anderson
mitch pileggi
No such thing as too much.

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