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Running in High Heels
New Gillian Anderson Event 
19th-Jun-2014 02:59 pm
mitch pileggi
From Linda Flo

Hi Gillian Anderson Fans,

Hopefully you received this email below from our organization Tuesday. As you can see, we will be having our first ever Gillian Fantasy Parade in the heart of Lincoln Park in Chicago, IL on Saturday, August 23! It’s going to be so fun and a real blast! We now just need people to sign up and participate or spectate - your choice! Of course, we cannot do this without our wonderful Gillian fan baseJ. This event will also be a great time to meet your old-time Gillian friends from the x-files days, and also meet new ones from many of Gillian’s more current productions! Please join us and register right here http://www.nfnetwork.org/nf-happenings/special-events4nf. Also, if you would like to donate Gillian memorabilia so that we can have a silent auction, just let me know!

Lastly, since this event is in the morning, consider making a day of this event as well in beautiful Lincoln Park! Perhaps visit the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, or maybe go to the North Ave. beach after the walk (all located very near this event!). Then, perhaps have dinner at one of the fabulous nearby restaurants after celebrating a great day for a great cause – the NF cause!

Thank you again for your past support, and we look forward to seeing you in August!
Linda Flo

Walk Program Coordinator

The NF Network

Leading NF Advocacy, Building NF Community.

213 S. Wheaton Ave.

Wheaton, IL 60187
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