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Running in High Heels
Wizard World Chicago 3 
24th-Aug-2016 07:30 pm
mitch pileggi
Can some kind person send me a link to the talk? No one did before when I asked, so I'm asking with a pretty please philiater1 at g mail
I just realized it's been a year since I was on the X-files set and never did a report. If I don't get a bunch of hate, I'll do one. It was never meant to be a gloating thing, just happiness I was able to go. I've been very blessed to be a part of the behind the scenes and to have met the principles involved. The Califonication set visit was really an unfortunate event that I might post about some day too. Can't remember if I've posted on the 3 Breaking Bad visits. They were the best hands down.

I've basically just completely dropped out of the fandom. I never thought I'd quit Haven, but things got so negative there last year that I stopped going and keeping up. Even now, I have no idea who went to the con this year and there was a time I would have killed to have gone to the one in 1998. I'm staying in there because MP is a doll and deserves a place of his own along side the dynamic duo.

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