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Running in High Heels
More Gillian Anderson at the Golden Globes 
10th-Jan-2017 09:51 am
mitch pileggi
I'm still able to get photos, but I'm very much restricted now. I'm going into semi retirement and will probably fire back up when the series comes back. I let the website go because it was too hard to update and I realized not that many people visit websites anymore.
I still have a LIVE JOURNAL account. How 2000 is that? It made me feel better knowing that the guy who wrote Game of Thrones still has one and maintains it. I have a counter over here to I see if I'm still visited and relevant. If that falls too far off I'm nuking it with the yahoo account I got in 1998.
In any case, I'm just posting and some could be doubles. I'm stuck at the MN airport in what appears to be a mini blizzard. If I don't make it out of here on time, may go exploring for more of her.

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