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Running in High Heels
Martin Landau Dead: Oscar-winning Actor Was 89 | Variety 
19th-Jul-2017 10:14 pm
mitch pileggi
Martin Landau Dead: Oscar-winning Actor Was 89 | Variety

I met Mr. Landau at The X-Files IWTB Movie after party in the summer of 2008. He'd had a tremendous impact on me growing up with roles in Mission Impossible, Space 1999, and, of course, the first X-files movie.

I'd gone into the club with friends and sat at a corner couch. To my right was Landau looking like a wise silver fox. In front of me were Amanda Peet, Xzbit and I believe Callum Keith Rennie having an animated conversation. To the left and surrounded by a wall of people was Gillian Anderson looking like a (pregnant) Disney princess. The club was dark, but her alcove was brightly lit.

Frank Spotnitz was across the room greeting friends in the warmest manner. Earlier in the evening, I'd gotten his signature at The Chinese Theater along with Chris Carter. As a great irony, I had missed Mitch Pileggi at the premiere by just a few minutes.

I'm a crusty old ER doctor of 20 years and not easily impressed, but never let it be said that I was not so on that night. The X-files can still be magic and leave you with a amazing memories.

I will miss you Mr. Landau.
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