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Running in High Heels
25th-May-2021 07:13 am - [sticky post] Running
Running in high heels
This blog is primarily devoted to following the career of The X-Files, and what The X-Files alum are up to now.
*If you take something from here and repost it, please add a credit. Thanks. .

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24th-Jun-2019 05:40 pm - So My Computer is in the shop
mitch pileggi
which is why I stopped posting. Am on my ancient backup (but lovable) computer. I will be traveling too, so anything new I'll try and post.
23rd-Jun-2019 11:42 am - GIllian Anderson at the Windsor Cup
mitch pileggi
My journal is no longer paid, so I will be deleting more often (storage).
I will upload as I can. Have family stuff today.

she looks great!

22nd-Jun-2019 01:31 pm - new-old Duchovny and Gillian Anderson
mitch pileggi

strange what you find when cleaning. Is anyone interested in call sheets for the 2016 and 2018 series? Founder's Mutation and all
mitch pileggi
two more from the museum

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