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Running in High Heels
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25th-May-2019 07:13 am - Running
Running in high heels
This blog is primarily devoted to following the career of Mitch Pileggi, The X-Files, and what The X-Files alum are up to now.
*If you take something from here and repost it, please add a credit. Thanks. Now that XF is restarting, there will be quite a bit of publicity. Will try to keep up.

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Set visit Nov 17th. Thank you so much.
9th-Aug-2018 06:45 pm - Happy Birthday Gillian Anderson
mitch pileggi
photo from a shop on Hollywood BLVD. Was told in hushed tones that back in the day GA's and DD 'people' would go to all the shops to make sure no embarrassing photos were up for sale. Good times.

Happy 50

8th-Aug-2018 07:33 pm - The X-files Pinball Machine
mitch pileggi
Continuing down memory lane.

7th-Aug-2018 07:00 pm - Happy Birthday David Duchovny
mitch pileggi
Skating close to being 60 and not bad.

Tom Petty quote for you
"It was 1976 when the band started, and Mike (Campbell) and Ben (Tench) and I had been knocking around since 1970. There weren't a lot of rock stars in their 50s or 60s -- or 70s -- then. I don't think there were that many even in their 40s. It wasn't that kind of job. You didn't look at it as a job you'd do your whole life. I remember thinking at one point, Boy, if this goes on for five years, that would be quite a run. Then when we hit five years, I remember thinking, Man, if this goes on 10 years it'd be incredible." (2005)

5th-Aug-2018 07:18 pm - Fight the Future .com
mitch pileggi
Not much here, but in the 90's it was a big deal. There used to be a black oil screensaver that I have since lost in a few crashes. there is an opening wav included but livejournal does not recognize this as a valid extension.

mitch pileggi
I saw this in the theaters on a date. I just can't believe it's been that long.
I've got tons of stuff on old external drives. All the photos from fightthefuture.com, some behind the scenes, etc.
If I get decent traffic over here, I'll post all week. If not, then I'll assume everyone is over it, lol

16th-Apr-2018 02:22 pm - Mitch Pileggi At Monsterpalooza
mitch pileggi
I believe he's been electrocuted three times as a bad guy, lol.

21st-Mar-2018 06:53 pm - Mitch Pileggi In My Struggle IV
mitch pileggi
Hello and Goodbye to another season.

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